Belashtica Village

Belashtica Village

Belashtica Village

Belashtica, Plovdiv

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Bulgaria is a magnificent country in Eastern Europe, acknowledged by more and more people for its natural beauty and its promising future. It combines amazing natural wealth, luscious green mountains, natural mineral springs, a plethora of historical sights and a mild seasonal climate, with strong economic growth and rising capital interest levels for property investments.

Belashtisa is located in the central part of the country ‐ close to Plovdiv (the second largest city in Bulgaria) on the road to “Rhodope Park” and the ski resort “Hija Zdravetz” located only 3km away from the Plovdiv ring‐road and 24km away from the ski tracks. The village lies in the Thracian valley just at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains providing the relaxing atmosphere of both fresh air and beautiful nature with the convenience of the nearby city. Typical for the Belashtisa area is the mild climate, and in the summer the temperatures are about 7‐8 degrees lower than those in Plovdiv which can rise to 35o C+.

This area has been developing exceptionally well in the last few years and it is of ever growing interest not only for private homes and residential houses but as well for the foreign investors in real estate. Developers are just beginning to construct a few larger residential complexes here now.

New roads and services for the infrastructure are being constructed, connecting it to Plovdiv and the soon to be expanded Plovdiv airport.

Besides the tranquillity, being away from the bustling city life of Plovdiv, Belashtisa offers also a wide range of activities for people’s free time.

The prices start from $65 000

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