The Auto parts plant in Trudovets village is working with 100% Green energy

The German company manufactures components and systems for car interiors The manufacturer of car upholstery “Grampep” AD creates its production entirely thanks to renewable energy sources. The German company, which operates on the territory of Trudovets village in Bulgaria, received a certificate from the energy trader “Energy-Pro Energy Resources”. “The production of this type is…

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Recording high Solar Energy Production in Europe in 2021

Solar panels have generated about 10% of electricity in the EU in the Summer months of 2021 Solar panels have produced nearly 10% of the EU’s electricity in the summer months of this year. This is a sharp jump from 6% three years ago, according to data from the Ember Energy Institute, quoted by the…

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The Three Seas Investment Fund with the first Solar Energy Project in Bulgaria

The investment fund of the Three Seas Initiative (3SIIF), in which the Bulgarian Development Bank is an investor, has acquired a significant stake in Enery Development GmbH (Enery). The company is engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources. It has a portfolio of 85MW operating assets, of which 50MW in Bulgaria, as well…

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Solar paint turns the home into a source of Clean energy

Saving at home through clean energy turns into an increasingly easy endeavor and thanks to the growing number of innovative technologies. Government programs around the world are helping homeowners with the financial burden of furnishing their homes with sunny sunshine. This background, Elon Musk company has developed roof tiles, which act as solar panels to…

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