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Solar charging stations
for electric vehicles

If you believe that the future of the energy is "Green energy" and if you want to invest in a viable future-oriented idea, we at Smart Choice Properties Ltd. are here to support you. We can prepare an investment project for you, including return forecasts and economic analysis.

You can request the construction of a Solar EV charging station with an included battery for storing electricity or without a battery. Note that if you invest in a solar charging facility without a battery, the return on investment is extremely short: between 2 and 4 years.In case you choose to add a means of electrical energy storage to your project, then the period would be extended by around 2 to 3 years and will become between 4 and 6 years..

We offer Solar EV charging stations with different power capacity: 10 kW, 20 kW, 30 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW..., depending on the individual needs and the investment scale plan of the client.

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Why invest in Solar EV charging Station?

If until recently, placing a Solar charger for EV at home or investing in a public charging station might have been considered a futuristic solution, in the foreseeable future it will be an unavoidable necessity. Are you considering ISO 14001 accreditation? Be one step ahead of the rest and implement this innovative solution at your location as well. Public solar charging stations for EVs are a step forward in the direction of the development of electric mobility and not only that. They are a constituent element of building a more ecological, responsible and innovative society by building the charging infrastructure of a new generation.

Placing a Solar charger for EVs in a shopping mall, retail park,fuel station or any other business establishment is no longer just a matter of prestige but a conscious act towards an energy efficient and sustainable Future.

Who could benefit from a Solar charging station for EVs?

Suitable for electric vehicles

Vehicle charging facilities are suitable for corporate environment - public solar charging stations and for private users - charging stations for home use.

Solar charging stations for EVs for Businesses

Any Business can benefit from this type of investment: any business, retail parks, shopping centers, airports, hotels, industrial zones. The service includes delivery, installation and monitoring of a complete facility, including the ability to monitor the charging stations parameters in real time as well as to follow the history of electricity produced. You have constant access to the data through a mobile application or a web portal.

Solar charging stations for EVs for private customers

Home solar charging stations are the perfect solution for any electric vehicle owner. They are designed to be placed in a private parking lot, garage or other area near the home or workplace. They are used by a limited number of users and we also guarantee their trouble-free operation in combination with the power grid. That way, in case you don't have a storage battery, in the months with limited sun light, vehicles can be charged directly from the grid.

Advantages of the Solar charging stations for Business vehicles

The imposition of the idea of energy efficiency through renewable resources for power supply confronts Businesses with the inevitable need for rapid adaptation to new energy models. In addition to the future requiring rapid adaptability to new trends, solar EV charging facilities are a huge leap forward for any company, both in terms of reputation and profitability. What are the real business benefits?

Quick return on investment and provision of additional financial flow. By instaling a charging facility you save on electricity costs for charging your customers'/employees' EV.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency - workplace electric charging stations save on fuel and maintenance costs, further saving employees time searching for other vehicle charging options

Social responsibility - the option to charge EVs at the workplace gives a clear signal about the level of culture, modernisation, integrity and social responsibility. It is a measure of where a Business is in terms of personal and social responsibility towards a greener future and reducing its carbon footprint.
Care for the comfort of employees - - the investment in a solar charging station is an indicator of the level of commitment and personal care of the employer for the comfort and peace of mind of the employees. Employees who feel appreciated are more responsible and focused on work goals and achievements.
Convenience for Customers - convenience is an important factor when potential Customers visit you on site. Charging points in industrial areas and business centres are an attractive opportunity for everyone to charge their car while conducting a business meeting, for example.

The components we use

Here you can download /from PDF files/ detailed technical specifications of the components we install in the Solar charging station for EVs




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