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Financing and Bank Loan instruments for financing

If you want to invest in your own Solar facility but you are facing difficulty obtaining the necessary financial resources, we will provide few convenient, flexible and efficient solutions regarding financing your project. 

We will assist you in arranging bank loans on extremely favorable terms, provided by the financial institutions with which we cooperate. In case your available capital does not correspond to the scale of the financial investment required for the set purposes, we can offer information about financial assistance, available at the following banks:

BDB - with an option for financing of up to 95% of the project value for micro, small and medium enterprises, loan repayment period of up to 15 years and minimum interest rate - between 2% and 4%;

Raiffeisenbank - with preferential terms for loans available for solar projects; 

ProCredit Bank – presenting very favorable terms for loans concerning installation of solar power facilities.