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  • Investment in Real estate and achieving energy independence for your business and/or household where the amount of investment is within achievable and profitable limits. We will choose for you a property that fully meets your individual capabilities, requirements and needs. In cases where you invest in order to build your own photovoltaic plant we will fully comply with the parameters and characteristics of the property in order to achieve the taylored Investment plan.
  • Ownership of a Solar facility makes you energy independent. With it you can autonomously generate electricity, entirely from sunlight, for the needs of your household or business. You do not have to provide huge funds for unbearable monthly electricity bills as you generate own electricity necessary for the household or your business.
  • In addition to being able to use the electricity produced, you benefit from selling it to other consumers. Depending on the capacity of the installed facility, you could sell at preferential prices with a guaranteed long-term contract for facilities up to 30 kW. The other option is to sell the electricity exceeding 30 kW on the free energy market at prices advantageously negotiated by yourself.

You realize a relatively high monthly return and achieve a return on investment within 6 to 7 years, depending on the size and capacity of the installed facility. Your monthly return is directly affected by the size of your initial investment. In other words: you get a higher monthly return if the initial investment and the capacity of the solar power plant are higher which determines higher electricity generated on a monthly basis.