Funding for Photovoltaic power plants by Bulgarian Development Bank. Who can benefit from them?

Electricity prices for businesses have risen sharply in recent months. Business owners are very worried about the future of their companies and enterprises which are increasingly pressured by the exorbitant monthly electricity costs. What solutions the Bulgarian Development Bank offers in this troubling situation - we will tell you in today's publication.

Loans for photovoltaic power plants on favorable terms

The loans that the BDB provides to the Bulgarian Business are provided for Solar power plants with a capacity of less than 1MW/p.The granted amount provides up 95% от крайната стойност на съоръженията, а срокът им за погасяване е до 15 год. Фотоволтаичните системи могат да покриват както нуждата от електроенергия за производствени цели, така и да служат за производство с цел продажба – няма никакви ограничения и изисквания спрямо предназначението на съоръжението. Единственото условие засяга мащаба на  компаниите – те трябва да бъдат микро-, малки или средни предприятия.

Why the popularity of renewable energy sources is growing

It is necessary to respond to the needs of the Business with an alternative solution. The depletion of non-renewable energy sources creates a demand for a more economical and sustainable resource. In this context, Solar power plants are becoming the optimal solution for both - industry and ordinary households. The gradual transition to Green energy in our country marks the inevitable transition to a revolutionary new principle of electricity production in the future. The benefits of investing in a Solar power plant are numerous: 

  • Independently generated electricity
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Significant reduction of the carbon footprint 
  • Cleaner environment

How BDB sees its role in the "Green transition"

The Bulgarian Development Bank presents its new financial product with a clear vision and goal - to meet the growing need for an alternative solution to the problem of high electricity prices for Businesses in our country. The increasing number of Solar power plants for green energy production is linked to the Package of measures included in the so-called. "Green Deal" of the European Commission. Its goal is the gradual transition to Renewable energy and reduction of carbon emissions by 2050. Whether our society is mature enough for this decisive change remains to be seen!