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Types of Solar Systems

Based on our goals, we can carry out three different types of photovoltaic installations. Some customers aim to have a completely independent production for personal use. Others see this opportunity as a business such and chose to sell electricity. Of course, there are investors who prefer to take advantage of both options at the same time. Let us tell you about each type of installation.


Photovoltaic power plants through which electricity is produced both for own consumption and for sale. They combine the electricity produced by the Sun with the electricity supplied by the grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic plants always operate in sync with the electricity grid and do not use a battery pack.


Power plants which would significantly reduce the cost of electricity to any household. They are a wonderful solution for single-family houses, office buildings, small and medium enterprises. Hybrid systems generate electricity by combining the electricity generated by photovoltaics with electricity from another source. Switching between individual energy sources is done through fully automated methods without the need for human intervention.

Island Type

They function completely independently of the electrical network. They are autonomous photovoltaic facilities for electricity generation. They are most often used in remote areas and are the following main types: emergency systems, security and surveillance systems, pump systems and others.

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