Solar electricity - benefits?

Can you imagine never having to pay utility bills again? Or autonomously generate the electricity your business consumes? This possibility is completely real with the help of Solar electrical systems which convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaics. Solar energy is becoming more affordable and the investment in building a 30 kWp Solar facility costs between 25,000 and 30 000.

Environmental benefits

Electricity production by traditional methods is the most serious source of air pollution. Among the most harmful substances released into the atmosphere are:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Mercury

The supply of 100% clean energy is seriously embedded in the innovative EU programs for Renewable energy sources. The main mission of the transition to Green energy is to find a solution to prevent Environmental and Climate problems. Clean electricity is the most effective way to quell the crisis in the Environmental sector and provide a clean and safe Environment for the future generations.

Economic benefits

The construction of more and more Solar facilities creates more opportunities for labor engagement and provides employment in the specific sector. The so-called "green jobs" are increasing in number as a result of which the Economy is reaping huge benefits. Specifically for Bulgaria: the investment in Renewable energy sources supports the Energy future of our country in the conditions of economic and political instability.

Easy installation

Solar installations can be built both on the roof of a building and on the ground. The installation of solar panels is a relatively easy process that does not take much time - within 15 to 20 days a complete photovoltaic plant can be built and put into operation directly. The only thing you need to consider is the degree of sun exposure of the terrain and the surface to ensure maximum performance.

Electricity storage options

During the months with less sunshine you can store the produced electricity in rechargeable batteries. The most used of which are lead-acid. In this way it is possible to store and use the generated electricity later - during periods of low sunlight when the efficiency of the photovoltaic system is relatively low.

Wide applicability

Solar energy will be increasingly used in more and more different sectors: Transport, Trade, Industry, Agriculture, Construction. It is used to power homes and buildings, to heat water, even to power cars. 

Finally, let us not forget that Solar energy is produced from unlimited Renewable sources. The Sun, unlike fuels and polluting fossil fuels, will never run out. So think now, isn't this the future of the Planet and do you want to be a part of it today?