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фотоволтаични панели и соларни инвертори

Solar inverters - types and principle of operation

With the growing popularity of renewable energy sources around the world, interest in solar systems is also growing rapidly. The ability of the photovoltaic installation to power an entire household is a huge environmental plus and a wonderful opportunity to use an inexhaustible natural resource to produce electricity.


How will Europe stimulate households in Bulgaria to invest in solar energy?

70% of investments in solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings will be returned
Against the background of the constant rise in electricity prices for businesses and household consumers, the chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) - Stanislav Todorov announced several optimistic directions on the air of Nova TV. Today we share with you a brief summary of the statement which unequivocally indicates the direction in which Bulgaria should move in the complex military-political situation in Europe.


5 ideas for energy efficiency at home

In the conditions of constantly rising electricity prices every household is looking for solutions to optimize consumption and reduce electricity costs. You do not need to deprive yourself of basic needs to halve your energy consumption. Today we, from Smart Choice Properties Ltd., share with you some useful tips and bonuses - additional tricks that will help you save on daily consumption without sacrificing your comfort.