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7 reasons to invest in your own Solar power plant

More and more Investors are turning to Solar power plants as a source of stable and long-term passive income. Owning such a facility is not just a valuable asset - it is a step ahead of time. Apart from the purely financial resource you only need a suitable terrain and a trusted consultant to guide you through all stages - from planning to project creation and implementation. It is here that we at Smart Choice Properties Ltd. are committed to assisting you fully and effectively at every stage of the process.

Independent electricity generation

Nearly zero maintenance costs, low risk and above all good returns are among the main advantages of such an investment. But the biggest advantage of owning a Solar power plant is the autonomous production of electricity. The facility will help you forget the unaffordable monthly electricity costs for both your household and your business. You can produce electricity for household consumption and/or your business and sell the surplus at preferential prices to electricity distribution companies.

Long-term guaranteed monthly income

With your own Solar power plant you can receive a monthly income the amount of which depends on the size of your initial investment. If you invest a minimum of € 5,000 you receive an income of at least BGN 900 on an annual basis. If you decide to invest € 20,000 your monthly return will be € 350 and if you invest € 40,000 you will receive € 700 per month. What are the other alternatives? To invest in Land, property, cryptocurrency, stock shares? Just think about the risks and the huge maintenance resource that these alternatives hide and see for yourself if it's worth it!

Low maintenance costs

After the construction and commissioning of your photovoltaic installation all what is required by you as a means and effort for maintenance is minimal. The only things you can anticipate now are options for periodic cleaning of solar panels as well as a certain amount of insurance to invest in. Keep in mind that insurance companies will only cover damage in the event of theft or vandalism if the site is guarded. Compensation is guaranteed for damage caused by natural disasters.

Long service life

Most of the quality panels used for the construction of Solar power plants are characterized by a long service life of 20+ years. Their maintenance costs are negligible and it is perfectly achievable to recoup your initial investment for a period of 6 to 7 years. After this period all the profitability you will receive until the end of the operational period of the facility will be a net passive income for you. The life of the panel as well as its efficiency are determined mainly by its type. The most basic and most commonly available on the market are the following types of panels:

    • Monocrystalline (highest class) and polycrystalline Panels
    • Thermal Panels
    • Thin-layer Panels
    • Double-sided Panels
    • In-graded Photovoltaic panels for installation

Non-renewable energy sources are not eternal

Traditional methods of electricity production consume valuable resources that are practically exhaustible - natural gas, oil, coal… Therefore, humanity is actively looking for a way to sustainably impose the idea of the so-called. "Green energy" - obtained from renewable sources. The Sun in fact cannot disappear. Build your Solar power plant and become part of this new concept. 

Care for the Environment

Solar power plants are the most environmentally friendly and economical means of generating electricity. The burning of oil, coal and natural gas is accompanied by the release of harmful emissions that pollute the Environment on a daily basis. Solar facilities do not produce harmful by-products including the materials used in these technologies can be fully recycled.

One step forward in the future

The forecasts are that the photovoltaic power plants will triple in capacity by 2030 when Bulgaria should achieve a 27% share of RES in the total electricity consumption. We, at Smart Choice Properties Ltd., advise you not to wait until then! Plan your smart investment today! Build your own Solar power plant as soon as possible and secure your financially stable and peaceful future!