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How will Europe stimulate households in Bulgaria to invest in solar energy?

70% of investments in solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings will be returned

Against the background of the constant rise in electricity prices for businesses and household consumers,  the chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) - Stanislav Todorov announced several optimistic directions on the air of Nova TV. Today we share with you a brief summary of the statement which unequivocally indicates the direction in which Bulgaria should move in the complex military-political situation in Europe.


What changes in the price of electricity are expected to occur in Bulgaria

According to Stanislav Todorov, the price of electricity is expected to increase by no more than 10% after July 1st but the main factor that will affect the formation of the final price of electricity in our country is the crisis in Ukraine. According to him, Bulgaria produces almost entirely the electricity needed by households and the Business. The sources that generate electricity with the lowest value are: nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and hydropower plants. 

What is the alternative to Russian gas for Bulgaria

In the event that Russia suspends gas supplies to Bulgaria, our country has several possible alternatives that we can resort to. The two most important are: the supply of natural gas from Azerbaijan and the depot in Chiren. Stanislav Todorov also shares his personal opinion that in the current situation Bulgaria should make the most of the capacity of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.


How the EU will stimulate the energy autonomy of households in Bulgaria

In the complex international situation, a ray of hope creeps in from the KEVR Chairman's statement that the local authorities are committed to making every household that wants to generate electricity through solar panels as much independent as possible. Currently, administrative procedures are a serious obstacle to the possibility of installing solar panels on residential buildings. However, an European directive is expected to emerge to remove existing barriers to such an initiative.

The best news is that the Reconstruction and Development Plan for Bulgaria provides serious financial support for households wishing to invest in solar energy. Every household that only finances the construction of a solar power plant will receive 70% of the value of its investment in solar panels from Europe. This is more than a perfect opportunity for household consumers to move to independent production of clean renewable energy.