Smart Choice Estates Ltd. is a leading Investment Consultant and Real Estate Agency with many years of successful experience, with offices in the UK – London and Bulgaria – Plovdiv. Over the years we have contributed to the success of investments in the real estate market of many foreign and Bulgarian companies and private investors and buyers.
We offer our clients something more than an investment in real estate and something very different. For several years, our Portfolio has been offering you an investment in the Future.

Invest in real estate in Bulgaria and earn from the Sun through renewable energy!

You invest 20,000E in a property together with a solar installation and earn 350E per month.

You produce free electricity for your own needs or sell it at preferential prices for a long period of time or sell it entirely on the open market at fluctuating rising prices.

You could invest in a property with adjacent land of 700sq.m and for a total value of 40,000E for the property together with the solar installation up to 50kw power to achieve an average monthly return of 700E.

Contact us to prepare an individual offer for the right property and solar installation to earn stress-free from the sun. We will be with you from the choice of property to the commissioning of the solar facility. And for those who would like to buy only real estate, we will prepare an offer according to the interest – residential, industrial property or land.

Invest in Real Estate and Solar Energy in Bulgaria with Smart Choice Estates Ltd.

-Reasonable price properties – Residential, Commercial, Land etc.

-Install a Solar Power Plant on the property and become independent electricity producer for own needs as well to sell on preferential prices or on the Free market the surplus

-Such of combined investment will bring you above the average monthly income. The entire investment for the property plus the solar installation will be returned with 7 years

-You produce electricity for free for your own household needs or business such. You will gain profit from the sale of electricity to other consumers at either preferential price or agreed by you price at the Free market

-Opportunity for funding your project by bank credit

-You can take advantage of European funding programs

We provide consultations, select the appropriate property and assist you with the purchase, present you the individual project for a solar facility and assist you until its commissioning. Contact us for an individual Investment Plan.

For those of you who would like to buy only real estate, we offer a portfolio of residential, industrial properties and land.

We have all heard about renewable energy and its growing importance for the future of humanity. In the light of European directives and individual development plans for each country, the production of energy from renewable sources is becoming increasingly important. The set framework of the European Union envisages 82% of the electricity produced in the member states, by 2050, to be the so-called green energy.
What is this energy. “Green energy” uses energy from renewable sources, such as wind energy, biomass (burning straw or timber), small hydropower plants, landfill plants and solar energy. Traditional electricity generation is the largest source of industrial air pollution. You can be part of the solution to prevent the problem of pollution! By choosing clean electricity, you can do something positive for the environment today and create benefits for future generations. From a purely economic point of view, you could become energy independent by providing your home and / or industry with free electricity.
What we offer you:
– To consult you and offer you the most suitable real estate /residential, industrial or land/ as well individual project for construction of a facility for production of green energy from sunlight
– To prepare an individual plan and technical project according to the parameters of your investment intentions
– We will assist you at every stage from the purchase process to the final implementation of the Solar Energy Project on your property
– We will offer you information and assistance in each area of real estate and investment in this area, preparing the appropriate individual package of services you would need.

What are the benefits of our offer and services:
– Investing in real estate and achieving energy independence for your business and / or household
– The amount of investment is within achievable frames and profitable numbers
– You become energy independent by producing electricity from sunlight
– In addition to the opportunity to use the produced electricity, you earn from its sale to other consumers. Depending on the constructed facilities, you could sell at preferential prices for facilities up to 30kw or sell on the free energy market at prices advantageously negotiated by you for facilities producing electricity above this capacity.
– You obtain a relatively high monthly return and achieve a return on investment within 6 to 7 years, depending on the size and capacity of the facilities built
Do not hesitate to contact us to help you invest and earn safely, guaranteeing you professionalism and loyalty.

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Smart Choice Estates Ltd. is a leading Investment Consultant and Real Estate Agency, providing Customers with a vast Portfolio of investment opportunities and services on the Bulgarian Real Estate Market. With over 10 years of experience in the property market we deliver unrivalled Customer service through the commitment and inspiration of our Team. We offer tailor-made investment solutions and provide property offers to meet your requirements. Your success is our priority!

Smart Choice Estates Ltd. is a leading Investment Consultant and Real Estate Agency, providing Clients with a significant Portfolio of various consulting services, investment opportunities and real estate on the Bulgarian real estate market.

Our services are designed to meet all your needs in the field of real estate – from finding the right property through assistance in purchasing it to an investment proposal for a Solar installation and implementation of the project.

We also offer assistance in financing investment projects in the field of solar energy.

For those who have chosen to simply purchase a property and settle in Bulgaria, we offer a package of additional services to make your relocation efficient and stress-free.

Our investment offers include Packages of implementation and maintenance services, during each stage of the chosen investment plan.

We also offer translation services if necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your plans to successfully enter the Bulgarian real estate market regardless of residential, commercial project or land.

We are your experienced and loyal Investment Consultant, Business Partner and Real Estate Broker in Bulgaria.